Programming inter-activities in R with twiddler

Hey there R user! Where you ever jealous of how easy it is to create interactive programs in mathematica/python/matlab/etc compared to R? I certainly  was. Luckily,there is at least one library that gives R this functionality and it is called twiddler. The main command of twiddler is twiddle. Here’s the description. twiddle automatically creates a GUI for interactively manipulating variables in an R expression expr. … Continue reading Programming inter-activities in R with twiddler

Five College DataFest

The Five College Consortium is hosting the DataFest contest in two weeks,  starting Friday 03/28 and finishing Sunday 03/30. Here’s the text from the official website. DataFest is a nationally-coordinated undergraduate competition in which teams of up to 5 students work over a weekend to extract insight from a rich and complex data set. Last year’s data (this year’s will not be revealed until the event begins) … Continue reading Five College DataFest