Circles and Waves

Inspired by Michael’s [1] post here and this video that he generated through mathematica, I knew I had to try to see how this could be done in processing. It was a fun little exercise and here’s the result.  Click on the image to go to OpenProcessing.   My implementation is only slightly different. I thought that if the circles didn’t overlap, the effect would be … Continue reading Circles and Waves

Five College DataFest

The Five College Consortium is hosting the DataFest contest in two weeks,  starting Friday 03/28 and finishing Sunday 03/30. Here’s the text from the official website. DataFest is a nationally-coordinated undergraduate competition in which teams of up to 5 students work over a weekend to extract insight from a rich and complex data set. Last year’s data (this year’s will not be revealed until the event begins) … Continue reading Five College DataFest

A couple of the random stuff I learned during the previous weeks …

This post doesn’t feature any real math. You’ve been warned. Now on to the stuff I found out about. The first two have to do with matlab. Now, I honestly can’t believe that I’ve been working with matlab for so long and I didn’t know about hold all. Of course, I’ve been using hold on/off a lot. But let me take if from the top. … Continue reading A couple of the random stuff I learned during the previous weeks …

An old hobby, making cycloids in processing

I am a big fan of both processing and art, regardless of being computer generated or made by hand. When I started learning processing, I used to have all sorts of ideas on what to try to make. One of those ideas was to make cycloids (although the correct mathematical term is roulette). What are cycloids, you ask? Wikipedia has something to say about this : … Continue reading An old hobby, making cycloids in processing