An IPython notebook on the linear perceptron

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Just mirroring a post from the other blog. Here is an IPython notebook with an implementation of the linear percepton algorithm. Details will follow in another post and I give a general idea of what it does in the notebook but here is what the picture looks like. Assuming that you have a set of points and you… Continue reading An IPython notebook on the linear perceptron

Abstractions in math

A friend asked the following question: Describe the contrast between the abstract and the concrete [in mathematics], citing examples. Some have claimed that the notion of abstraction is itself flawed. Argue either for or against this position.” Here’s my take on it. One example comes from modeling random situations, for example when using the Normal distribution. We really like it cause it’s this continuous, unbounded, … Continue reading Abstractions in math

Academia, Love Me Back

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My name is Tiffany Martínez. As a McNair Fellow and student scholar, I’ve presented at national conferences in San Francisco, San Diego, and Miami. I have crafted a critical reflection piece that was published in a peer-reviewed journal managed by the Pell Institute for the Study of Higher Education and Council for Opportunity in Education. I have consistently juggled… Continue reading Academia, Love Me Back

At what point does mathematics get hard? There is a point where math gets hard for anybody and everybody. For some it’s high school, for others college, undergraduate or graduate study, or even research-level math, and there most problems are really hard. Do not assume that 90’s in all math classes at high school imply that you won’t find any difficulty with college math. You probably still haven’t been taught math … Continue reading At what point does mathematics get hard?

Why am I good at mind calculations but bad at problem solving?

From: I have this friend who is great at cutting vegetables. You give her whatever you want, she can shred it in seconds. However, when it comes to cooking, she needs to be shown how to combine the vegetables and understand the differences in taste and acidity of each one, etc. Otherwise she can’t progress, she is almost paralyzed by fear. Why doesn’t her … Continue reading Why am I good at mind calculations but bad at problem solving?