I’m a mechanical Moocer as well!

If you are not familiar with mechanical moocing, then this sentence didn’t make any sense. Allow me to explain.

It all starts with P2PU, or peer 2 peer university, an organization with only one goal. To explore ways to learn outside of the normal way, in a manner that shares a couple of ideas with Coursera and edX. P2PU released a new course called “an introduction to Python” and this course will be based on stuff that are already online and available on the web. More specifically, this course uses CodeAcademy and a book called How to think like a computer scientist, along with videos from MIT’s opencourseware and OpenStudy.

When I first read about the whole idea, I was excited. I wanted to learn how to “speak” python for some time now but lacked the incentive to do it, mainly because python is mostly taught in programming 101 classes. What I wanted was a way to learn Python along with people who (like me) already have some experience in programming, they want to learn the basics quickly and move on to harder stuff.  But even for those that don’t have any experience in programming, Python seems to me like the perfect place to start. It avoids the hassle of lower level languages and seems like it was written to “enforce” good programming behaviours. My only advice to all the people who try their hand with this course is to try to develop a good, readable programming style. At the end of this course, you will probably be able to do magic with Python. 😀

Here’s an archive of all the emails sent by the Mechanical MOOC team.