So I just found out that the titles of mine or Alexis newest posts are “advertised” on, a site through which you can find the newest posts from active mathematical blogs. It’s a great idea that helps people find the blogs which might interest them and which have a regular schedule of posting.

This post is thus made, in the hopes of creating one of the few  internet infinite loops, since will refer to this post which refers to which … you get the idea!

A big thanks to the people!


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  1. You just slowed down the google searching algorithm (if the version I have in mind is not too outdated)

    1. Yes! My plan worked! Muahahaha…

      But seriously, I think that the whole pagerank idea is too sophisticated to get confused by my little post in this small internetic room of our infinitely big, \pi^2 stared hotel. 🙂

  2. They have a (probabilist) mechanism for getting out of the loops but it does not work instantly. (well the probability that it will make only one loop is very weak)

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