First SIAM news arrived!

After a couple of months of waiting for my first SIAM news, it finally arrived today!

So I thought that I would take this opportunity to give an advice. If you are in a university that supports SIAM, the society for industrial and applied mathematics, check to see if you can become a member for free. They have some pretty good discounts on top books, offer precious information about new pieces of scientific software and opportunities for networking. Look here to see if you are eligible for free membership.

The first article talks about the interplay between using continuous methods or their discrete counterparts. A nice part was when the author thinks about solving the shallow – water equations (continuous) using a finite element method (discrete) and then play a video of the solution (continuous), which is just a big number of frames being played too fast for the eye to catch that they are different (discrete).

You can read the full article here.