Updates on the graduate student life

Hi all.

I hope everything is OK and you had fun during your spring break (if you had one). I had my own two weeks or so ago and I think that I had a good opportunity to rest a little and do a little trip, so I visited the Brown university at Providence.

A photo of the beautiful brown campus

 I’ve got to say that those guys take great care of their campus. The whole area is very beautiful and scenic. I really recommend paying them a visit if you are in the area, especially around the fall semester.

But in any case, I am now entering the second part of this semester. Since it will be over in about a month and ten days, we now have even more homework and projects and even a midterm in the real analysis class. It’s all good though. I guess that’s the graduate student’s life.

The truth is that I have a lot of results that I want to comment on and I’ve already started writing posts for them, so expect to get a lot of them during the next weeks or so (I hope that I will have time to finish them).

Until next time.