Read about this amazing result!

Gödel's Lost Letter and P=NP

James Randi is a famous magician whose stage name is The Amazing Randi. Since retiring he has focused on the debunking of those who claim paranormal abilities. If you cannot solve any of the million dollar Clay Prizes—who can?—then another way to get a million is to show Randi that you have paranormal abilities.

Today I want to talk about a math result that is called amazing.

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4 thoughts on “Read about this amazing result!

  1. we could deduce that from something we were taught in a course we took togeather, but i m not gonna spoil it 😛

    1. We could certainly deduce a lot from the classes we have already taken but what’s important is what we did deduce so far. 😛

      By the way, I find this proof equally cool.

  2. Sometimes I wonder, how can I be so cool…
    I ll open a new blog trying to describe how cool I am, but this is a guarantee for having at most 1 view

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