Hello everyone

I’m Alex, student at the Universite Pierre et Marie Curie and at the Ecole Polytechnique. I accepted to join Kostantinos in this blog and write some stuff from my area of expertise and from other math stuff I am familiar with, so I’ ll mostly be talking about probabilistic problems.

I remember from my not-so-far past undergraduate studies that probability was not something math students where excited about on first contact. Probabilities where also always viewed as not-mathematics or something between maths and some other things, such as probability theoreticians view statistics (I just transfer here what a professor at the UPMC told us, but I’ ve seen it for myself). I myself shared such a view of probability and statistics as an undergraduate, but they finally won me.

Anyways, I hope I’ ll shed some light on the probabilistic concepts I’ ll write about, I might provide later a mailing address for questions if I’ m still willing to. In the meanwhile I’ ll try to figure out how wordpress works.

Thank you and enjoy.

Alexis G. A.


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  1. I will abstain from posting anything till my exams session is over, sorry guys, hope Kostis will keep up.


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