Trying to find my pace …

Hello again! Sorry to keep you waiting for so long but there were loads of things I had to do.

It turns out that international students have to fill out (with the help of their doctor perhaps) a form about their medical history, specifically about their vaccinations for diseases like chicken pox and such. It seems that I didn’t get all the information needed while in my home country, so I e-mailed the form to my parents in order to have all the information. So, here is an important point, if you are going to travel to another country for studying, be sure to learn everything relevant with the university and your studies. Will you need more vaccinations? What fees do you have to pay and what part of those fees does your department cover? If you have some free time, try to fill it with learning the electronic system that your university uses for enrolling to courses and such and write down everything you don’t understand or know at the moment. You will save yourself a lot of time, trust me.*

In the meantime, IPO (international programs office) organized a nice reception for the international students, with lot’s of useful info and pizza from the best place in town. Due to them, I met some really cool people from around the campus (and the world). Learned some very interesting facts too. Three girls from Asia needed 33 hours to come to Amherst (door to door), a guy had a last name with only two letters and another one had one with 14.

There were many different sessions. In the last one, a policeman from the UMass police department came and answered various questions about what’s legal and what’s illegal on campus. Turns out that if they see you with an open bottle of anything that contains alcohol, then “Sorry but you have to pay”.

Classes have started at last and although they appear  interesting enough, I seem to have become a little rusty from not doing any serious math for the previous 4-5 months. Soon we will have the first homework in all the courses, so it will be easier to catch up. When I won’t have anything else to do for the university than research & study, that’s when things will start to get fun.

Here is a question. Why most freshmen in college wear their hat backwards? And here is another one, what is with americans and BIG cars? It’s like everywhere I go, I will see at least one suv.

*I can’t stress that point enough, so I will repeat it. Learn whatever you can about the financial part of your studies, how much are you gonna pay, when and where. Today I was checking the amount of money that I had to pay the graduate school and it was so off from what I had calculated that I had a mini heart attack. 😛  Then I went and learn more about it and everything straightened out.

Oh, and here is a photo of the campus from the Lederle Graduate research tower.

Bird's eye view of the campus

Until next time!