Arrival in Amherst

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I arrived in Amherst, MA, the place where I will begin my life as a PhD student in Math. It took me more than eleven long hours to get here but I did it.

Amherst seems like a really quiet and graphical place. Around 30.000 people live here and this town is in the center of a triangle of even bigger cities. It has a few pubs here and there, various shops with cuisine from around the world and even a Starbucks coffee shop. From what I have seen, the people here are generally very helpful, even with complete strangers, another plus.  Oh and the bus service in the town, totally free.

Right now the weather is rather cold, with temperatures ranging from 2 C to – 15 C and yesterday there was a lot of snow in the road. Luckily, it didn’t obstruct transportation to and from UMass.


The frozen pond inside the Campus

Unfortunately, since I am a research assistant for this year, I have to fill out a ton of paperwork, tax forms, e.t.c e.t.c. At least I am lucky enough to have help from the department and the university.

In other news, this semester I will probably grab courses in measure theory, complex analysis, GPU Computing and numerical solution of PDE’s. Classes start on Monday 23 but I can’t wait! 😀

Until next time!